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What is Maternity Reflexology

Maternity reflexology is treatment aimed and tailored specifically for all aspects of the maternity process, from pre-conception and fertility issues, throughout pregnancy, preparation for labour, labour induction, to finally the post natal period.

Pre-conceptual care

To prepare your body for pregnancy, ideally you should consider making adjustments about three to four months before conception. The most important developments in the uterus occurr in the early weeks of pregnancy, therefore it is sensible when planning a pregnancy to ensure your body is in optimum health as this will maximise your fertility. These preparations are likely to enhance your potential of achieving a conception and will also put your body in the healthiest state for your pregnancy.

Reflexology during this pre conceptual period can relax your body in a wonderful way, relieve stress, address any current health conditions, help to rid your body of toxins and balance your hormonal system.

Other areas to consider in reaching optimum health in the pre conception period would be to ensure your nutrition is good, to give up smoking, reducing your alcohol intake if necessary, and generally look after yourself.

Reflexology during pregnancy

During pregnancy your body will go through significant changes; these changes will affect the emotional, hormonal and physiological balance of your body. Reflexology can help to prevent or alleviate any discomfort arising from these imbalances and restore your body's natural equilibrium.

Janine has extensive experience using reflexology techniques to asisst women succesfully in the pre conceptual period as well as helping to produce the following positive effects during pregnancy:-

  • Deep relaxation
  • Relief from stress and anxiety
  • Increase in energy levels

    Ease of physiological discomfort by:-
  • Reducing heartburn
  • Relieving backache and headaches
  • Relieving nausea and vomiting
  • Reducing high blood pressure
  • Relieving oedema (swelling mainly of the feet and ankles)
  • Relieving sciatic and pelvic pain
  • Relieving constipation and cystitis
  • Helping with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  • Addressing insomnia and sleep problems

    Reflexology for labour

    Research has shown that regular reflexology treatment during pregnancy can shorten the duration of labour with many women requiring less pain relief and less intervention.

    "If the mother has access to just one type of treatment during pregnancy, the best all-round treatment in pregnancy would be reflexology." Dr Gowri Motha, The Gentle Birth

    Janine is greatly experienced in working with women, sometimes throughout pregnancy and sometimes only in the later stages of pregnancy to prepare their bodies for labour, to optimise their chances of the most natural and shortest labour with as little intervention as possible.

    Reflexology to induce labour

    If you have gone past your due date, or are in your fortieth week of pregnancy, then Janine is very experienced in using reflexology techniques to induce labour naturally.
    She recommends two treatments on consecutive days (although in some cases some mum's - to - be have found that one treatment is enough). If you are interested in having reflexology for this reason, then please telephone Janine for a discussion regarding your individual needs.

    Those mums who have had reflexology at the end of a first pregnancy to prepare them for, and to induce labour, consider reflexology a must in second and third pregnancies.


Reflexology in the post natal period

In the post natal period many mothers experience an initial euphoria especially with their first baby, and do not feel the need for any reflexology treatment; however once reality hits, a post natal reflexology treatment can help to re - balance the body after a great deal of physical and emotional changes.

Janine regularly works with women to help with any of the following post natal issues

  • Stress & anxiety problems
  • Inadequate lactation
  • Post natal depression
  • Low energy levels
  • Back pain
  • Constipation
  • Sleep problems

    Maternity Reflexology Training

    As part of continued Professional Development Janine has undertaken and been acredited with a post graduate training qualification in maternity reflexology, and throughout her work gained a wealth of experience in all aspects of maternity reflexology, working in this specialism since 2006.

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